Pointimovie R4Demo .webm


R4D is the Only One MULTIVERSE Technology for Movies and TV series!

R4D gives the way to explore the parallel worlds of a same title. So, if you want to explore another version of the R4D video you are watching, refresh or click on "Another Version" in the pop-up at the end of this one.

POINTIMOVIE 9.4K Views - Real Views : 5 - 24 Aug 2020

Pointimovie R4Demo in .webm 720 480

4 chapters (meaning scenes for one story), 2, 2, 3 and 3, so 36 versions for 1 mn movie ! 

This is a single video clip, but each time you watch it, R4D technology changes it into a whole new version,

Each time its like watching a whole new episode/movie for the first time. As exploring a parallel world.


Any movie and TV series is a straight line.

The story is known. As its end.

Meaning, you can discover the movie only once, the first time you watch it.

And this exceptional emotion happens only once, and is over, forever.


R4D technology provides this emotion again and again.

R4D changes the movie or the TV series each time you watch it.


A R4D movie is not a straight line.

It is several parallel worlds.


In short, instead to propose only one scene for each chapter of a movie, R4D provides several possible scenes for each chapter.

And several possible ends...


Be ready for the Future.

Go back to your own past of the very first time...

Be ready for the next step in History of Cinema.