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R4D/ Real4D changes the story of a movie or TV series each time you watch it.

This “innovention” brings any viewer into his past, when he was watching the movie for the first time, giving him a kind of personal time travel experience, when he was discovering the story.

The experience is like the one of the first time, ever and ever. It is endless (a scent of “Groundhog day”, for moviegoers...).

So, R4D/ Real4D is a kind of Time Travel Machine... And because a movie is a “world”, by having access to several of its possible stories by using R4D/ Real4D, the experience is like to explore parallel worlds.

R4D/ Real4D is a so innovative technology that it is a print as a new important chapter into the History of Cinema with the biggest innovation ever, a REVOLUTION on the same level than “Talking Movies” and “Color” in their time...

R4D©”, “Real 4D©”, a Technology by “POINTIMOVIE©” for movies and TV series.


The Present Problem

The main problem of a movie, its “life”:

Once watched, the attractive effect is almost annihilated.

The person will want to watch again a movie only if he liked it very much, as cult ones.

Only big fans for great movies like “Starwars“, or “Lord of the Ring”, are “able” to want to watch them again and again. Because these movies became cults, these people want to watch again and again, the same story, the same play. And even, we are not sure they would not watch it under a different way, another editing.

But it is far to be the lot of all movies, just a few have this privilege to be Cult.

Even for good movies, we have not always the desire, the envy to watch it again soon.

Sometimes because the story is poor, and once known, the movie is not attractive anymore but for its special effects, and even if there were some.

So, they are “normal” spectators too, .

So, for all of us, and we are numerous, more than 99%, we want to be amazed each time.

We wish to be amazed at each time we watch a movie, like the first time of each of them.

Because, the first time is the best time.

The discovery. The unknown. A virgin territory for Mind !

Once the movie is watched, the story is known.

We are not in the ignorance anymore, we are not anymore in the discovery since we are aware of the knowledge of the story.

It is impossible to live again this feeling, this suspense, this excitement.

Until now.

R4D/ Real4D uses and plays with the real fourth dimension, the only one remaining in Universe, “TIME”.

So, R4D/ Real4D modifies the story and even the length of a movie or a TV series, in order to give to spectators, the best gift ever :

To be in the same situation than the first time, expecting for the unknown, the discovery.

R4D/ Real4D keeps spectator from the second screening and the following ones, as when he watched the movie for the first time, again and again.


R4D/ Real4D is also a new video file format “.r4d”, running under VP9 and AV1 codecs. “.r4d” video file format is a “.mkv” kind, so, it has a container, and needs to be played on a R4D/ Real4D player.

A downloadable R4D/ Real4D player is free for internet use.

Otherwise, R4D/ Real4D technology gives a new step of difficulty to fight piracy.


The uses of R4D/ Real4D

R4D/ Real4D is for new movies, but it can be used for old movies, which can be modified under this technology under some conditions. So, this “innovention” can give a young breath to old movies, giving new opportunities to producers and distributors.

R4D/ Real4D will be in theater in 2021 with the first movies under this technology, and even on Video On Demand platforms, viewable on computer and on TV channels.

R4D/ Real4D technology is available online for anybody, thanks to a video website where any user can create and post his own R4D/ Real4D video


Coming Next.

As R4D/ Real4D needs to reinvent how to write a script, how to produce, how to shoot, how to edit movies, and of course, a new way to distribute, to screen and so, to sell them, “PoinTIMoviE©” will have to teach professionals, to train them to work efficiently, in order to use all possibilities “Real 4D©” / “R4D©” offers.

“PoinTIMoviE©” will create schools and will make a “Real 4D©” / “R4D©” Film Festival.



POINTIMOVIE©”, “R4D©” and “Real 4D©” are brands, logos and systems under the laws of Copyrights.