Newman The Movie - Trailer


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Newman - The Movie - Trailer

In 1979, Joseph Newman, a self- educated inventor in the backwoods of Mississippi, claimed to develop a motor that defied the laws of physics. Mainstream news stations, and even an appearance on The Tonight Show, spread the revolutionary potential of his magnetic perpetual motion machine, which could end our dependence on oil and gas. Instead, as detailed in Jon Fox’s stranger- than-fiction debut, the maverick faced a decades-long, and increasingly paranoid, battle against the US Patent Office and the scientific establishment.

Orphan. Entrepreneur. Recluse. Genius. Megalomaniac.

Inventor Joseph Newman is all of the above. A controversial figure in the scientific community, Newman rose to notoriety with “The Newman Device,” an electromagnetic machine that he claimed produced more energy than it took to power it. What should have been a revolutionary discovery was stopped by a lengthy and disheartening legal battle with the United States Patent Office. 

In his enthralling debut, filmmaker Jon Fox deftly seeks to understand the enigmatic inventor — through intimate discussions with Newman’s colleagues and, surprisingly, with the man himself.