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      One year after her trip to The Time Shop, Sam’s back! This year, things are a little different and the town can’t seem to get their lights working. Now it’s up to her to find a way to be the spark to light up her town in time for the holidays.


    • 00:01:42
      NOT ALONE - Star Wars Short Film [4K]
      2.1K Views . 25 Feb 2021


      In preparation for the construction of the Second Death Star’s shield generator, scouts are sent to the forest moon of Endor, however it’s soon apparent they’re not alone.

    • 00:01:13


      Curtis Metcalf's tech inventions has made the company he works for billions. All is put into question when he asks for a seat at the table- to be on the receiving end of those contracts- and weaponizing his tech after discovering something far more sinister.

    • 00:00:30

      Things go haywire at D.R.A.M.'s family holiday party. A turkey is dropped and the cat -- scared by a flying toy drone -- jumps on top of the Christmas tree, knocking it over and disturbing the dog's peaceful slumber. And though it might be picturesque, the fire is causing everyone in their holiday sweaters to roast. The festivities look bleak until LeBron James shows up with Sprite Cranberry, refreshment for the entire family. In an instant, the house is restored to its original state and everyone can enjoy their holiday celebration.

    • 00:10:04

      Thriller, Short movie in French, shot in the south of France in 2000.

      Actors  Christophe Di MARTINO, Maryline SORBA and Eric JOULOU.

      Caméraman Gérard ROSSIGNOL

      Assistant Caméraman Franck MAUMIS

      Script et Régie Nicole PARADISI

      Assitant Polyvalent Philippe TCHOULLOUIAN

      Intendance Marlène De LACAZE

      Accessoiriste Lionel GRAZZINI

      Music by Bruno LEYDET.

      Monteur Philippe JALLOIS

      Assistant Grégory DAUBREGE

      Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Laurent A.C. GRANIER

    • 00:01:34
      Short Film: "A Night In"
      2.1K Views . 25 Feb 2021


      This is a project I have been working on for a while. I hope to expand it and make it into a longer film one day. Enjoy.

    • 00:03:18
      Garbage Night _ Short Horror Film _ 2021
      2.2K Views . 14 Feb 2021

      A cursed figure lurks in the darkness. Twenty Dollar Insurance Productions: Angela Consiglio Christian Herman J.T. Kazousky Nicholas Kazousky Kebin Lee Chris Risnear Michael Risnear

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      My Rode Reel 2020 entry "The Blueprint" CGI Animted Short Film. CGI Animated Short Film: "The Blueprint" My Rode Reel 2020,my rode reel 2020,unreal engine short film,cgi animated short film,animated short film,short film animation,cgi,3d,animation short film,short film,cgi animation,animation short films,animation,cgi short film,cgi movies,ue4 short film,unreal engine 5,3d animated short film,3d animation,virtual production,jsfilmz,photorealistic unreal engine,raytracing

    • 00:02:35
      Anamnese (Surrealism short film)
      2.3K Views . 25 Feb 2021

      "Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist" - René Magritte

    • 00:03:03
      Funniest Baby On A Farm
      2.2K Views . 22 Dec 2020

      Funny baby on a farm at the weekend, that's so sweet and funny moments, baby playing with the animals

    • 00:03:15
      Polaroid - Short Film
      2K Views . 14 Feb 2021


      Short film by Joey Greene and Paul Houston

    • 00:01:21


      The Titans go to an amusement park to see LeBron James but instead help solve a mystery.

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