Welcome to Our World in Real 4D !  

Our system is a Real 4D
because it really uses 
a « Dimension », 
and the Fourth one : 
A Real Dimension.

Our system modifies the story of a video each time you'll watch it. 
« Real 4D ©» brings back the viewer to his past, when he was watching the video for the first time.
PoinTIMoviE system is a kind of time travel machine...

The experience is like the one of the first time, ever and ever. 
It is endless (a scent of « Groundhog day »...).
Because a video is a world,
and having access to several of its possible stories,
using « Real 4D © » is like to explore parallel worlds !​


Next, any member will can use the "Real 4D©" to post his video...


 Join Us as member contents and make money... 

What you have to do to make money ? Post a video in "R4D", and you'll make money with the number of views and ads seen thanks to your video.
​Simple and Free !


« PoinTIMoviE »
is commercializing a new technology named
«  PoinTIMoviE © »,  
« The Real 4D for Movie © »,
« Real 4D ©».

Join Us as Member viewer and Win prize...

What you have to do to win a prize ?
Watch posted videos, and their associated ads, answer to the question at the end, and you are granted of a credit to play at one our games, or at a game of our partners.
​Simple, and free. 

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May, 2018
We launch the presentation of POINTIMOVIE at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

October 01, 2018
We launch the presentation of R4D4Us.

November 01, 2018   We launch the beta version of the video website. 

December 01, 2018
We launch the website for members. 

January 01, 2019
We launch the first music video of the World.